Trained in 2005 as a sound therapist by the ICM-recognised degree at the British Academy of Sound Therapy. A practitioner certificates in Reyad Sekh Hem (Egyptian heritage) and Ancestral Healing Methods (Adonai), adding formal qualifications and fifteen years of research build on the tuition received through my innate spiritual connection with my Incan, Amazonian heritage amongst others.


My close relationship with indigenous people, and with ethnic communities and their traditions, has inspired my work from the beginning, and it’s been the foundation of my exploration of sound and light as multi-dimensional healing art forms. As an initiate medicine woman, I am always expanding my knowledge of medicinal plants from the South American Amazon and Andes.

Through this work, I’ve developed my own sound and vibrational language, weaving ancient sound healing techniques (derived from my lineages that I have been unfolding through the process of self-exploration), while tapping into ancestral memory with contemporary sound tools to create a space for inner exploration and alignment. 

A blend of art, science, nature and spiritual technologies, I believe it has the power to reconnect our individual rhythms to the universe’s natural vibrations, re-building human relationships with nature and the cosmos. I’m a strong advocate of conscious intentions, and deep awareness, as central to human and environmental evolution, and seek to unlock the intelligence that’s part of our natural biological evolution through the exploration of the multidimensional healing arts.


Grandfather Mateo Arevalo - Shipibo elder of the Peruvian amazon, as a plant medicine student  2013 -2016


Mamo Chinchina - Kogi's elders of La Sierra Nevada Ethnic communities of Colombia 2016-2017 bridging law’s of origins.

Grandmother Malinali - Teotihuacan moon dance - 2018  SOON!