I’ve been a part of some richly rewarding collaborations, working towards a unified purpose with some brilliant, open, and extremely generous minds and hearts. I feel honoured and humbled to participate in the work that we do together. Creating space for inner exploration and alignment through creativity , collectivity, and creativity. 

It’s a blend of art, science, nature and spiritual technologies – we can create a vibrational language that reconnects our individual rhythms to the universe’s natural vibrations, and re-builds our relationship with nature and the cosmos. It’s about unlocking the intelligence held in our natural biology through the exploration of the multidimensional healing arts in exciting and forward thinking ways. 

All are but parts of one stupendous whole
— Alexander Pope (1688–1744), English poet


"Exploring healing patterns in sounds” 2016-2017

It has been such an honour to be able to collaborate with Susan with our 'patterns in sound' events of which I hope there will be many more to come in the future. Taking our shared love and curiosity of pattern we have been able to delve deeper - both into some of the more 'heady' theoretical definitions of sound (which Susan has been generous to share with our community through her talks) and also the bodily experience of pattern when Susan takes us on unique voyage of discovery with her many instruments.

Grace and I founded PATTERNITY in 2009 and what started as a more visual exploration - from art, design, fashion has naturally developed into something much deeper - exploring patterns in nature and the invisible formations and frequencies that shape life.  These are the patterns that shape the universe and help us to understand our place within it and it has been a total joy to be able to bring this to life through our collaborations with Susan. Together we have been able to generate more awareness and inspire people to see and experience the wonder of pattern and how it can help us to experience and understand our deep interconnectivity.  

We're all at such an incredible - and important - time in history where modern science is meeting with ancient wisdom and guiding us to rediscover our roots, creativity and connectivity - of which Susan speaks so beautifully about. I'm just so excited to see where our partnership evolves and find nothing more rewarding than to be able to collaborate and join the many curious members of our community on this wonderful journey of exploration.




Co-Creating a space where art, science, culture and wellbeing blends in one wholesome and expansive experience.

After an extensive development, the idyllic island of Obonjan (pronounced OH-BON-YAN), situated just off the coast from the ancient city of Šibenik, returns for its second summer season.

Once known as ‘the island of youth’, the island has been reimagined to offer a new, alternative take on independent travel with a summer long fusion of art and culture, music and entertainment, food and wellbeing within a carefully curated creative programme that will evolve and expand each year.



Supporting the preservation of Ancient indigenous traditions, medicines plants wisdom. 

Tribu Spirit works together in a "one on one" personal level with indigenous communities around the world to produce and sell high quality indigenous medicines, arts, crafts and products in a completely fair- trade manner. Giving back to our tribes. Through these means we aim to help bring about better living conditions, self-sustainability, preservation and education of their ancient wisdom, habitat and cultural heritage.
It is a real honour and pleasure to be able to collaborate with Susan as we both hold and share the same vision and passion for the beautiful indigenous cultures from around the world. Both being touched so deeply with our work with them. Susan is a very gifted sound alchemist. Sound combined with the sacred work of the plants and ancestral lineages of wisdom is a very beautiful, simple, yet powerful way to connect deeply within, to raise our consciousness and awareness from the center of our hearts. For we know that this work not only helps to transcend our own energies, it ripples out into everyone within our sphere of life. Therefore we do it for us and for the all, for we are all one.



Indaba means ‘gathering’. Perfectly located in Central London, we’ve gathered a wide range of the city’s most talented teachers, Practitioners and built a community of yogis and wellbeing enthusiasts. In the welcoming atmosphere of this beautiful space we’ve created what we believe is the ultimate yoga studio. With workshops and courses in a wide range of yoga styles and therapeutic approaches, Indaba hosts both local and international teachers.