ADONAI - Ancestral Healing Methods -  powerful one-to-one therapeutic approach to heal past wounds (both physical and etheric) that have been passed on to us from our ancestors through cellular memory. Fear, phobia, grief and distorted ego identification are just some of the limiting ‘attachments’ we form through our lifetimes which often prevent us from living fully and freely in the present.

This gentle but transformational healing promotes a subtle loosening of these patterns. Somewhat shamanic in style, I take a holistic view of chronic aches and pains, and am able to get to the root of specific physical, energetic, emotional, etheric and mental conditions.

Working intuitively to discover, uncover and clear blockages, I use a combination of vibrational frequencies (sound and light) to connect at a cellular level, and to align your being to a universal rhythm. This stimulates a state of flow that facilitates deep healing in a profound way that can be easily integrated. 


Please get in touch to book your one on one in person or online, directly through via the form below or through Indaba HERE